Examples of picture framing commissions


Lithographs by John Gould - Reframed for a close relative of the Queen.... Honest.

"Rock Surf" Photography by Pat Cooper

"Loch Inchard Mist" Photography by Pat Cooper

"Loch Stac Salmon & Trout Drifts" Artwork by Mac Stephenson

"Oldshormore Sunset" Photography by Pat Cooper

Cross Stitch - A Pain to get square.

Brilliant Needlework

Local Fishing Boat - Watercolour by Barry Pearson

My first (and only) hand cut oval mount.

A lot of Photoshop work....

Chalk picture, needed a trench at the bottom to catch all the dust - pain in the neck !

Great Candid.

Large Tapestry

Panorama by Barry Pearson

This print/frame combination is great.


Another great example of fine needlework

Print by Steven Pearson

Football Shirt, not my favourite job...

Print by Stephen Pearson